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Welcome upon zoom entrance
  1. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. So I'm Tai, this is my wife Adrienne, co-producer of DOD45. For this discussion what would be most comfortable for me to call ya, Factor, Graham?
  1. The goal is always 45 I don't take up your time.
  1. B4 we start the timer I like to check in and ask how things are going for you? How are you feeling?
  • So Im gonna draw your dog pirate….and speaking of pirates, I gotta ask, maybe you have the necessary insight, is it pirates of the Cuh-rib-ee-uhn or pirates of the care-ah-bee-uhn?
  • How old is he?...And how did he lose his eye? 
  • Did ya ever just go by Gram? G R A M? Seems like a dope producer name...
  • What’s your sound? Not tryna be all music nerd, elitist & shit, but I’m not great at articulating verbally, and I hear you in your production but are you able to break it down to me in laments terms?
  • Are you an Eddie Murphy fan?
  • What’s the best Eddie Murphy movie?
  • It’s not the one with the ghosts....The Haunted Mansion?
  • Ghost Dog or Ghostbusters?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Have you had any encounters?
  • Are you a Roddy Rowdy Piper fan?
  • Killer Mike or Open Mike?
  • Krush or Chemist?
  • Hoody or Bunnyhug?
  • What’s your hometown known for?
  • How d'ya feel about living in the Paris of Praries?
  • What d'ya call someone from Saskatoon?
  • Is the Regina and Saskatoon feud real?
  • Buckethead or blockhead?
  • Wisdom teeth in the Oakley commercial, that’s pretty dope, eh?
  • How’d you hook up with Fake Four initially?
  • Where are you focusing most of your energy currently?
  • Did you have a favorite cartoon or show when you were a kid? What was it ya think that attracted ya to that?
  • What project first gave ya the biggest exposure?
  • Deftones or Def Jam?
  • Bowling or bike ride?
  • How often do you buy new clothes?
  • Do you have any collections?
  • Is there an emcee out there that you haven't worked with that you think you'd end up makin' a banger with if ya ended up doin' somethin' with'em?
  • Do you have weird cousin is crazy scared of buttons?
  • After you die, would you wanna attend your funeral?
  • Is there a movie that you can watch over & over?
  • Do you have a favorite word?
  • Ghetto Boys or Beastie Boys?
  • If money was no option, what would you first buy?
  • Are you the type to hit up the farmer’s market?
  • Do you like surprises?
  • Did you have any early Tv crushes?
  • Text or talk?
  • Is there anything you’re not very good at that you’d like to get better at?
  • Are you superstitious?
  • Do you have a secret that you’ll take to the grave or are you an open book?
  • What was your first live show or concert?
  • Who were your dj/producer idols or mentors when when u were starting out?
  • How do you travel? light? Or do you pack everything?
  • What's the longest stint you've spent away from home?
  • Have we become less happy in this world of technology?
  • Do you vacation? Where Dya like to vacate to?
  • What’s retirement life look like for you?
  • Is there anything you’d like to bring back from the past?
  • Bobby Brown or Millie Bobby Brown? 
  • Is there anything that really annoys you?
  • Are you a movie fan? What kind of movies?
  • If you were asked to guest star on any tv show, past or present, what show would ya wish that’d be?
  • What was your first job?
  • Kevin Bacon or Kevin Costner?
  • Is there anything about you that most people don’t know that you think would be surprising to them?
  • Did you have a nickname when you were growing up?
  • The big question….Are we in the Matrix?

  1. What's in the future for yourself that you'd like us to know about?
  1. Ask Adrienne for any follow-ups?
  1. Is there anything you'd like to cover that we missed, or anything you wanna promote
  1. Wrap it up…where do we go from here?