It’s #INKTaiber 2021. Take advantage of daily auctions for Original INK•Tai’ber drawings in October!

INKTaiber 2021

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How the INKTaiber auctions work:
For each day of October 2021, Tai will draw/sketch/doodle a new Halloween/Sci-Fi/Pop-Culture-themed piece. At 10am (mtn time) of each day, the piece will go up for a 3 day auction at the ArtByTai eBay store. The starting bid for each drawing will be $100 with a "Buy it Now" option of $350. Each auction will last 3 days. 

Patreon members will get first dibs on every auction. The piece will be listed on Patreon the night before it is scheduled to go up for auction at 10pm (mtn time), where Patreon members have a 12 hour window-option of buying the pice for the "buy it now" price. If it's not bought by 10 am the following morning, the piece will go up for it's regular auction on eBay.

What's up for auction: 
The auctions are for the original pen drawing on toned-gray mixed media paper, drawn with a standard ballpoint pen. The original drawing has been treated with a Kyrlon UV protectant archival spray. 

- sketch is signed and the Day # and "InkTaiber" title is written on the back.
- sealed in a clear sleeve with archival backing.

Shipping & Ordering:
 Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Due to the fact many collectors end up winning multiple auctions throughout the month, it is possible that the INKTaiber pieces won't all ship out until the end of the INKTaiber celebration in October.

The Price:
Tai's original pen drawings are rarely up for sale and range from $1k - $30k....just Tai's limited edition prints are $65. INKTaiber is an annual opportunity for collectors to get an original Tai sketch for the exclusive low auction prices. The exclusivity & rarity of opportunity to own Tai's original sketches is what makes October such an exciting time of year.

Prints of each drawing will be available in November. 

A framed mixed-media version on Mylar, using a hi-res digital scan of each drawing will be made this upcoming winter for release in 2022. Color prints of that version will also be made available in 2022. 

...happy bidding & happy Inktober!!!! .

2021 INKTaiber prompt list:

  1. Baphomet
  2. Monster High
  3. Little Nightmares
  4. Bendy & the Ink Machine
  5. MIB Edgar the Bug
  6. Frog dissection
  7. Toxic Avenger
  8. The Beatles
  9. Doom slayer vs. Master Chief
  10. Muensters & Addams Family
  11. Killer Klowns from Outer-space
  12. Never Ending Story
  13. Rug Rats
  14. Cerberus 
  15. Ouija Board
  16. Hellboy
  17. Batman
  18. Gave Diggers
  19. My Pet Monster
  20. Ursula
  21. Mars Attacks
  22. Mr Potato Head
  23. Legend
  24. Ghostrider
  25. Spawn / Venom
  26. Harry Potter
  27. Exorcist
  28. Baba Yaga
  29. Godzilla
  30. Spy vs Spy
  31. The Warriors