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DOD45w - Drawing Over Discussions 45 minutes With a special guest

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DOD45 is ArtByTai's video podcast of quick 45 minute episodes. While you watch Tai create a pen drawing from start to finish, you will also hear an interview-style discussion with a special guest. So you’re always engaged with interesting audio discussion whilst visually intrigued as the drawing comes to life right before your eyes. Audio & Visual stimuli by ArtByTai.

As an artist my inspirations come from observation of my experiences. I am heavily influenced by music and I am very much driven to learn through engaging discussions. DOD45 is a perfect platform to fire all my creative pistons. My key interest with this series is to learn from my guest & to promote said guest to my audience. That’s my whole angle. I’m so appreciative of the music & inspiring people who have an affect on my artwork, that I wanna share them & their knowledge with my collectors & followers.

DOD45 Season 1 Episodes:

DOD45 with Sage Francis - Episode #2

DOD45 Upcoming Season 2 Guests:

MC Sole
Yoni of Why?