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DOD45w - Drawing Over Discussions 45 minutes With a special guest

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DOD45 is ArtByTai's video podcast of quick 45 minute episodes. While you watch Tai create a pen drawing from start to finish, you will also hear an interview-style discussion with a special guest. Guests include musicians & other interesting people, some recognizable, some up-and-coming, and some regular Joes. The intention is for you to always be engaged in interesting discussion whilst seeing a drawing come to life right before your eyes. Audio & Visual stimuli by ArtByTai.

As an artist my inspirations come from observation of my experiences. I am heavily influenced by music and I am very much driven to learn through engaging discussions. DOD45 is a perfect platform to fire all my creative pistons. I conceptualized this series from my live drawing stream experiences. My audience used to be able to log on & watch while I listened & exposed them to an eccentric playlist of music. Then YouTube & Facebook started shutting down my streams because of the music copyrights, so I started doing the live drawing streams with my headphones on, but without the music aspect it was so dry and boring, hence this new series. My audience is already logging in to watch me draw, with this series I can keep them around to hear our discussions, whilst I’m able to turn them on to people, music & ideas that I’m inspired by. My key interest with this series is to learn from my guest & to promote said guest to my audience. That’s my whole angle. I’m so appreciative of the music & inspiring people who affect on my artwork, that I wanna share them & their knowledge to my collectors & followers.

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DOD45 Episodes:

DOD45 with Sage Francis - Episode #2

DOD45 with Factor Chandelier - Episode #16

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